India Tour By Heart

Tourism as compulsion in Ancient India–Growth in Tourism, Culture & Education

In early days, Tourism was not for pleasure or happiness in day to day life but was a tough task to complete. Mostly travelers were business man, devoted pilgrim & search of knowledge for new experiences of Mother Nature. It was tough through forests, no highways like today & beyond that so many life risk in moving. However, with the time, horse-back, Bullock Carts, road side ‘Sarais’ & ‘Dharamshalas’ came in existence.

So we understood that opening of trade routes allowed Tourism. After some time, these travelers started moving in Caravans inclusive of priest, entertainers, and scholars through land routes, which started Culture traveling of customs from one place to another. Yes in this era sea ferrying was also commenced but restricted due to lot of fears. So, hiring of brave & experienced guide was necessitated for their safeguard. In Sarais & Dharamshalas, accommodation was provided either free or at nominal cost.

Traveling for search of knowledge & experiences with the Society, Nature become as an Education tool for the visiting travelers & local habitats for understanding each other through grasp.

Tourism’s narrow undulating path has a broadened to bridge time and distance and bring the world closer and can be used as a tool to connect the peoples with the places & infrastructure created so far for common use of all. Tourism has to grasp the heart of all situations for the benefit of all not only as commercial tool. Integration is must. Then we can say “Tour By Heart”. Our Team is continuing our effort toward this goal.